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Elizabeth Designs creates faux and decorative painting techniques that beautify your home. Walls, ceilings and cabinets come alive with the application of techniques that include paint, glaze and plaster. Syles range from simply elegant to vividly dramatic. All projects are unique and treated as such.

When the Bug Hits...

and I'm not talking the flu, you embrace the creative opportunity and relish in the results.  That's exactly what I have been doing for the last couple of weeks.  Half finished, naked art pieces have adorned my studio for months.  Pitiful looking and begging for completion they were causing me more irritation than joy.  My attitude was one of "yuck"...I am not interested in making ugly!  My studio had turned into the Island of Misfit Art!  Then without warning, when I stopped obsessing about creating, it came back - my spirit and love of making pretty things.   So, without further delay, here are pictures of my current pieces...each one crafted with the joy and torment that only being an artist allows :) Enjoy!

Show and Tell...

Years ago while attending a less than enjoyable extended family dinner, at an even less than enjoyable chain restaurant, I learned  a valuable lesson.  As the adults engaged in "grown up" conversation, a five year old little guy looked my way and very seriously asked,  "Is tomorrow Friday?"  I answered "Yes it is, are you ready for the weekend?"  He let out a ginormous sigh and said "Oh good, it's show and tell day...time to share".  It struck me how important this activity is to a kindergartener...nothing else mattered at that moment.  So, in the spirit of show and tell I am going to share a recipe for one of our favorite faux finishes.


Recommended Supplies:  Wundasize, Faux Creme Clear, Faux Color or Faux Creme Color of choice, metallic foil, scrub brush, newspaper, whizz roller, roller tray

Step 1:  Working over a quality base paint (not flat) similar in color to chosen foil, roll on a generous coat of Wundasize in a manageable workable area.  Before size sets up apply newspaper and rub with closed palm.  Remove paper and discard.  You will have remnants of ink from paper which enhances the final look.  Complete entire area working quickly and in sections.

Step 1

Step 2:  Cut foil.  Apply foil and scrub with brush.  Make sure foil is applied shiny side up.

Step 2

Step 3:  Mix desired glaze color using FauxEffects Faux Creme Clear plus tint color (Faux Creme Color or Faux Color).  Roll on glaze 100% coverage. Repeat newspaper imprint process as stated in step 1.

Step 3

You're Finished!  Easy,  beautiful finish for walls.   Also works well on furniture, moldings and canvas art.